Financial Update

The 2018-19 year is off to a great start!  We have currently collected 79% of our band fees for this year!  Because of these payments, we were able to have a successful band camp this year with some great instructors!

When the Board decides to do a fundraiser, there is always a fund that is designated to receive the proceeds.  One of our designated funds last year was a Trailer Fund.  As most of you know, we were able to purchase a new trailer for our band equipment over the summer.  We are currently still working on the artwork for the outside, but couldn’t be more excited to begin using this at our first away game this year!

Another designated fund that we had last year was a Storage Building Fund.  Again, we were able to purchase our new Band Barn over the summer due to everyone’s efforts in fundraising.

This year we will be working towards raising funds for our Uniform Fund.  The current uniforms are over 10 years old and need to be replaced.  New uniforms for the band will cost approximately $50,000.  The Board is exploring all avenues in order to provide the best plan of attack to fulfill this need.  We will update you with more information as it becomes available.





Feed the Children

Hello everybody!!

School has officially begun which means marching season is upon us. We all know how busy we all are this time of year but we all love it. Especially for our children, their faces make it all worth it. We started a program in the last year for our kids on game days. We all know when our kids get home from school and practice they are starving. Game days are no exception but there is never a time during marching season that it is an option for parents to always get them food before the games to make sure that they eat a good meal before they leave for the away games or get ready for our home games. We also know that if our kids get hungry they break out a whole new definition of ‘hangry’. Which is why we decided to develop this program with donations from parents, our boosters and anyone else that donates to us. We always provide them with a well rounded meal that is helpful to feed them and keep them full for a while. There is much better attitudes and behavior both at home and away games since we instituted the program.

We are always looking for donations for our Feed the Children program. If you look under the calendar section of our website it will tell you what we are serving and when along with a link to the form to donate. If you have any questions feel free to find any board member. Any donations are always welcome and appreciated!!!

LFO Bands Updates to Website and Social Networking

Greetings fellow parents, grandparents, and boosters!

As many of you already know, we have made some significant updates to our Lakeview Bands website. Our overall goal is to make communication amongst everyone more effective. We still have a few areas that are under construction, for the most part though, the functionality will remain the same. We hope you will take the time to browse the revised site and take advantage of the new features.

We have also created a Lakeview Bands 501(c)(3) business page on LinkedIn. This will give your students an opportunity to list their involvement in the band on their resume profile. For our Juniors and Seniors, this is a great time in your young careers to consider creating a LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already. This is a great place to highlight your commitment to something bigger than yourself, your passions, your community service, and get ready for that bright future that is set before you.

To connect and follow Lakeview Bands on LinkedIn, select these links.


The Executive Board truly hopes you will find these improvements beneficial. We all hope that your student’s futures will be bright and we look forward to a great year ahead!


For more information on high school LinkedIn profiles, please read this informative article.

LinkedIn Profiles for High School Students

We NEED you!

Parents and friends,

We need your help to make this 2018-19 school year rock. We need volunteers to help us with the Friday night lights—concessions, parking, selling programs, etc. Come try us out for a home game—we don’t bite—I promise. And don’t forget to grab a pack of water for your child to donate to the program—this is provided for the visiting band at home games as well as for our own band kids.

Summer Fundraisers

Thank you to everyone who participated in our summer fundraisers.  Summer is our largest fundraising season.  The list of fundraisers includes:




Chattanooga Lookouts

Chocolate Bar sales


Volkswagen Picnic

Spirit Night at McDonald’s

SWAG Discount Sale

Football Programs

We are still awaiting payments for our events and will keep you posted as money comes in.  If you participated in a shares event, such as Lookouts or VW, your account will be credited after the Boosters receive payment for the activity.  Students will also receive community service hours credit for their participation and support of our fundraising programs.

Ironman 70.3 2018 is here!!!!

It’s time again for Ironman!!! The event will take place Sunday, September 30th.  Are you 12 years old & older? Do you have Band or Colorguard fees to pay for, or maybe just want to earn money for your band account for swag or next years big Band trip? If so, Ironman will help you do so! Click the following link to sign up today!!! Once you’ve signed up send an email to with Ironman in the subject line and let us know what you have signed up for! Shares are unlimited so invite friends and family to join!!!

Click HERE to Volunteer for IRONMAN Chattanooga!

It is time for Friday Night Lights!

Welcome to the LFO Band Boosters! If you have a student who is participating in colorguard or marching band, then you are a member of the booster organization.

My current focus is on organize volunteers to help our band program. Current volunteer that are needed include parents to donation food for Feed the kids, help moving equipment from the band room to the field (pit crew), collecting money for parking at home games, and volunteers for the concession stand at home games. Our kids need your help! 

Welcome to our revised web site

Welcome to our revised web site.  The site is currently under construction, as we try to make it a one-stop shop for all of your band/guard needs.  If you have any suggestions, or see something that should be revised, please email